North Florida Fusion Exchange

Member Counties: Columbia · Dixie · Franklin · Gadsden · Hamilton · Jefferson · Lafayette · Leon · Liberty · Madison · Suwannee · Taylor · Wakulla

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What is the North Florida Fusion eXchange?

  The North Florida Fusion eXchange (NFFX) is a collaborative effort of local, state and federal agencies working in partnership to share resources, expertise, and/or information to better identify, detect, prevent, apprehend and respond to criminal and terrorist activity utilizing an all crimes/all hazards approach. The multidisciplinary approach of the NFFX increases the awareness of potential threats and enhances what has traditionally been a law enforcement mission.

  There are many agencies making valuable contributions to the mission of public safety, including the public and private sector communities. The NFFX consists of partner agencies from the following 13 counties within our North Florida region: Columbia,  Dixie,  Franklin,  Gadsden,  Hamilton,  Jefferson,  Lafayette,  Leon,  Liberty,  Madison, Suwannee,  Taylor  and  Wakulla.








What is a Fusion Center?

   A fusion center is a collaborative effort of two or more agencies that provide resources, expertise and information to the center with the goal of maximizing their ability to detect, prevent, investigate and respond to criminal and terrorist activity. Intelligence processes through which information is collected, evaluated, analyzed and disseminated are a primary focus.  Fusion involves the exchange of information from different sources, including law enforcement, public safety and the private sector.

   Relevant and actionable intelligence results from analysis and data fusion. The data fusion process assists agencies in proactive efforts and essentially, protecting communities. The Fusion Center guidelines were developed to ensure that fusion centers are established and operated consistently, resulting in enhanced coordination, strengthened partnerships and improved crime-fighting and anti-terrorism capabilities. The guidelines and key elements, as well as additional resources, policies and implementation tools are included in this publication from the U.S. Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security.

How do we operate?

  The NFFX partnership agencies contribute Fusion Liaison Officer(s) (FLO) from their respective agency, which must pass a state law enforcement background process. The FLO's have been trained in legal and privacy issues, to include 28 CFR Part 23, and they acknowledge that they must handle any intelligence or criminal investigative information in accordance with State and Federal law. The FLO's and analysts receive training on topics to assist them in their daily duties, which includes the production of strategic briefings and assessments on emerging or potential public safety threats in our region. The dissemination of any information or intelligence product by analysts of the NFFX must be reviewed and approved by the NFFX Director. These products are then posted to the secured NFFX SharePoint website.

  In addition to intelligence products, NFFX disseminates federal and state generated alerts, warnings and notifications regarding time-sensitive threats, situational awareness reports and analytical products.